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Fit a year's worth of meetings in 2 action-packed days. The event registration is no cost to qualified delegate attendees.


Who attends: This event is specifically designed for Marketing decision-makers with purchasing power (Manager, Director, or VP), who are from mid- or large-sized company (200+ employees).

What you can expect:

  • Meet one-on-one with solution providers specific to your current project needs
  • Attend workshops and sessions
  • Network with peers from leading companies
  • Receive complimentary event registration, hotel accommodations, and meals at a luxury venue

How it works:

  • You select the solution providers you're most interested in meeting
  • Your interests shape your agenda of one-on-ones and sessions
  • We continue to add workshops up until the event
  • We cap our attendance at 50 spots
  • We hold the event twice a year and rotate regionally

Why you should attend as a delegate:

  • It's a more efficient way to source solution providers, and to get custom attention specific to your needs
  • You'll make profitable connections to help further your business goals
  • You'll stay up-to-date about the latest trends and technology advances in your industry


Forum Events has 20+ years of experience holding successful events across multiple markets. We're dedicated to providing you with a complete VIP experience from start to finish.


For More Information Please Contact...

Shane Doherty – Event Manager
(941) 925-7585 x8166  |  email

Slade Cheong – Event Manager
941-894-9569  |  email

Mariya Lebedeva – Delegate Coordinator
(941) 925-7585 x2224  |  email

Laura Dykstra – Delegate Coordinator
(941) 925-7585 x8161  |  email

Marketing Summit in Boston, MA
April 23 & 24, 2018

Event Workshops Include...

Moving Employees From Compliant to Committed: Creating a Culture of Ownership in Your Company
Presented by Randi Busse is a Customer Service Speaker, Trainer and Author

Moving Employees From Compliant to Committed:  Creating a Culture of Ownership in Your Company

Does the expression, “You can’t get good help these days” come to mind when you think about your own employees? Are you worried about what your employees are doing and saying to customers when you’re not there? Part of running a successful business is creating a culture where your employees have as much pride in your business as you do. This session will give you the insight and strategies you need to remind your employees of the importance of customer service but how to look at it from a different point of view.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to demonstrate the behaviors you want employees to emulate with customers
  • How to ensure your employees know what great service looks like so they can deliver it properly and with pride
  • How to help employees connect the dots between their behaviors and the success of the business
  • How to hold employees accountable for delivering the customer experience you expect them to deliver

Agile Performance Management
Presented by Lisa Rueth, CEO – Cultivate Leadership

Performance management hasn’t changed in over 50 years, yet the pace of product and market changes happen so quickly that annual planning is often irrelevant by the time we review our goals.

Come to this session to learn how Agile is turning goal setting, performance management and regular one-on-one's into a single process that actually steers real-time performance. OD and Leadership Consultant Lisa Rueth will give you a step-by-step model for re-engaging your workforce and re-inventing the role of management, on 30-90 day cycles

Turning Managers into Leaders
Presented by Lisa Rueth, CEO – Cultivate Leadership


Managers today have full-time jobs outside of managing their people. We expect them to drive tasks, develop people, improve quality and provide visibility to the business, all while delighting customers.

This session will simplify the most important elements of management that will engage employees in performance, while creating more effective teams who produce happier customers as a side-effect. Lisa Rueth, Leadership and OD consultant will provide you with a model to collaborate, solicit feedback, improve processes and manage performance that will create leaders out of your managers.

The Brain Science Behind Emails that Persuade
Presented by Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, Nancy Harhut and Associates

Science has proven that up to 95% of decision-making takes place in the subconscious mind. Which means you need to know the triggers that prompt the actions you want your target to take – the scientific secrets that get people to open, read and respond to your emails. Discover the proven principles of psychology that lead to greater email response. And see your numbers soar.

Summary of learning objectives

  • How to write a subject line that’s impossible to ignore
  • Two ways to position your product or service for fast response
  • Why “negative” can deliver more positive results
  • How Availability Bias turns doubters into buyers
  • What to say that instantly makes you look better than your competition

Intelligent Customer Engagements*
Presented by Daniel Kaplan, VP of Products & Solutions, CallVU

People around the world love the convenience of voice-controlled intelligent personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. It just makes life easier.

The problem is, once customers get used to advanced voice-driven services, it’s hard to go back to traditional IVR - with its complicated menu trees and limited input options. Often, callers skip IVR altogether and choose to wait for a live agent. This results in long wait times, high call center costs, poor ROI on customer service systems, and – most importantly – unsatisfied customers.

Now, Conversational IVR offers a disruptive voice-driven service that speaks the customer’s language! Conversational IVR uses advanced Natural Language Processing to understand both the content and context of spoken customer requests. So now, customers just needs to say what they want to do – and get the service they require immediately.

No menus, no decision trees – just a flat hierarchy of options that leverage existing business logic. And because it employs AI and NLP, callers don’t even have to use a specific keyword to get to the service they need.

Once a customer has accessed the appropriate service, Conversational IVR can show her as well as tell her - visually and audibly guiding him through self-service resolution – all in natural language.

In this session we will present the new technology across a variety of use cases (fintech, telecom, insurance and more). We’ll show how organizations around the world can take sales and customer service experiences to the next level and significantly accelerate digital transformation.

Game Plan: How The Best Teams Win (OPENING PRESENTATION)
Presented by Randy Fox, Keynote Speaker, FoxPoint LLC

Everyone will be on the edge of their seats and inspired to take action as Randy unpacks the principles of winning in your professional and personal a team. Find the victory together by developing your game plan, and this isn't done alone. As Randy always says, "you are better together than on your own!"

Get ready as Randy will push you to increase your performance, maximize your potential, and truly be fulfilled in your life. Time to surround yourself, and working effectively with a great team. Time to build your game plan!

Attendees will:

    1. See the power in appreciating one another, dispensing hope in others, and being a trusted team
    2. Value the importance that respect and authentic relationships is to being a successful, high performance team
    3. Uncover how the altitude of our results starts with the attitude and approach of each person
    4. Learn how critical playing their part with excellence is to ongoing success
    5. To never give up!


Boston Marriott Quincy

1000 Marriott Drive
Boston, MA 02169
(617) 472-1000

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Boston, MA

April 23 & 24, 2018

Areas Covered

  • Alliances & Partnerships
  • Brand Management
  • Channel Management-Cross-Channel
  • Channel Management-Email
  • Channel Management-Print
  • Channel Management-Radio & Podcasting
  • Channel Management-Search
  • Channel Management-Social Media
  • Channel Management-Telemarketing
  • Channel Management-TV
  • Global Marketing
  • Marketing Products-B2B
  • Marketing Products-Complex Products
  • Marketing Products-Consumer
  • Marketing Products-Events
  • Marketing Products-High-Ticket Product
  • Marketing Products-New Products
  • Marketing Products-Subscriptions
  • Marketing Strategy-Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy-Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Strategy-Pricing
  • Marketing Strategy-Product
  • Marketing Strategy-Promotion
  • MarTech-ABM
  • MarTech-Advertising
  • MarTech-Anonymous Traffic
  • MarTech-Content Creation
  • MarTech-Conversion
  • MarTech-CRM
  • MarTech-Email
  • MarTech-Interactive Content
  • MarTech-Lead Generation
  • MarTech-Marketing Automation
  • MarTech-Remarketing
  • MarTech-Stats & Analysis
  • MarTech-VR
  • Navigating Contracts
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Cycle Optimization
  • Team Management-Compensating Marketers
  • Team Management-Evaluating Marketers
  • Team Management-Hiring Marketers
  • Team Management-Managing Marketers
  • Team Management-Motivating Marketers
  • Team Management-Training Marketers
  • Thought Leadership

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