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BLR’s Forum Events Adds Talent Acquisition and Retention Summit and HR Strategy Summit to 2019 Offerings

By Ericka Howard | Product Manager, Digital Media and Events

New events added to the Forum Events lineup in the Human Resources sector will appeal to a specific subset of HR executives and allow them to source solutions for their business needs, as well as network with peers to discuss best practices and industry pain points.

Old Saybrook, CT – Forum Events, a leading networking event lineup that lets senior-level executives meet with high-quality solution providers, improving ROI by optimizing the sourcing process, is pleased to announce the addition of two new summits to the event roster for 2019.

The new Talent Acquisition and Retention Summit will be held twice in 2019, first on April 15-16 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., and the second on October 14-15 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina in San Diego, CA.

The new HR Strategy Summit will be held from November 12-14, 2019, at the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, TN. It will be co-located with the HR World event and will be a shortened format to accommodate those who are attending both the Summit and HR World.

The summits are designed specifically for organization managers, directors, and VPs with pain points or projects in the pipeline and who are actively seeking solutions. Throughout the events, the attendees will not only meet one-on-one with solution providers targeted to serve their needs, but also attend education workshops and seminars, in addition to networking with peers from other leading companies.

“Turnover is extremely expensive, and in today’s very challenging market, many companies are wrestling with how to hold onto their key employees and recruit new ones,” says Tony Kessler, senior managing editor with BLR. “It’s essential that you become familiar with the latest tools, tactics, and techniques for finding, motivating, and retaining your valuable employees. Beyond that, your HR strategies need to be aligned so that you have a long-term plan in place that allows and encourages your workforce—and therefore your business—to succeed.”

Both new Forum events are free for qualified delegate attendees. Please contact for more information or visit to apply to attend.

About Forum Events
Forum Events creates shared experiences that create lasting business relationships. Using a unique matching process, senior-level executives are paired with solution providers based on their company’s needs and upcoming projects. Forum Events hosts 20 events throughout the year across a variety of markets. Key verticals include security, facilities management, safety, human resources, training and learning, customer service, and talent acquisition. For more information, visit

About Simplify Compliance
Simplify Compliance helps its customers learn, comply, and succeed by providing mission-critical regulatory and business information, analysis, and tools. Formed by Leeds Equity Partners in 2016, Simplify Compliance serves a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, human capital management, and telecommunications. Simplify Compliance provides time-saving products and solutions that help U.S.-based businesses and their employees monitor compliance, optimize financial performance, and create and implement best practices. For more information, visit

New Free Report for Customer Service Managers + Trainers

Today’s customer service reps need more knowledge than ever before. However, finding effective ways to train them—especially with their busy schedules—can be challenging.

Here are the 5 Creative Ways to Train Your Customer Service Reps on everything from new technology to company policy.

Boston Spring Events Keynote Speaker Announced

Everyone will be on the edge of their seats and inspired to take action as Boston Keynote Speaker Randy Fox unpacks the principles of winning in your professional and personal a team.

Whether you're attending the 2018 April HR & Employee Benefits Summit, Training & Development Summit, Contact Center & Customer Service Summit, or Marketing Summit, you can benefit from putting together a game plan for your team.

Get ready as Randy will push you to increase your performance, maximize your potential, and truly be fulfilled in your life. Time to surround yourself, and working effectively with a great team. Time to build your game plan!

Attendees to the April 23 & 24 event will:

  1. See the power in appreciating one another, dispensing hope in others, and being a trusted team
  2. Value the importance that respect and authentic relationships is to being a successful, high performance team
  3. Uncover how the altitude of our results starts with the attitude and approach of each person
  4. Learn how critical playing their part with excellence is to ongoing success To never give up!

But don't take our word for it! In the video below, Randy explains why our Spring Boston events are a must to attend:

Greetings from Keynote Speaker Randy Fox!

Testimonials Are In From the HR & Employee Benefits Summit, Philadelphia

The HR & Employee Benefits Summit, Philadelphia hosted 627 meetings on March 14-15, 2016. Feedback is vital for the growth and success of each event. Here are some testimonials from attendees of this event:

"Loved the concept, flow & networking. Happy to meet such like-minded HR professionals in an organized setting."

"Not only was this experience great for meeting vendors but getting the chance to talk to other individuals in similar roles to me. Thank you so much for having me."
-Suarez Corporation

"This event was like no other event I have ever been a part of. I would highly recommend attending if you have the opportunity. You receive one on one time with vendors of your choice and get the time to learn about products you might not have realized were out there."
-Martin Insurance

"When I was invited for this event, I wasn't quite sure what I could potentially get out of it. It turned out to be one of the most productive and informative summits that I have attended. All of the vendors were well prepared and had great products."
-Tri-Coastal Design

"The summit was an effective way for busy HR Professionals to engage & learn about new products that can help improve HR services for our organization the one-on-one format allowed for a more detailed vendor-client conversation about possible solutions. I heartily endorse the summit and thank the summit team for creating such an engaging event."
-Temple University

"Great format; was personal and informative. Easy conversation without being in a loud crowded trade show area."
-University of Utah

"This was my first event. I found it informative and I believe that there are a number of vendors that I will be partnering with in the future. I have also, through networking, begun some professional relationships that I believe will be ongoing. Thank you for this opportunity."
-Swiss Post Solutions

"I liked the one-on-one meetings. Very easy format to understand vendor offerings. Event was very well organized."

"Staff was very diligent to get the vendors that you request!"
-Penn Jersey Paper

"This was a great opportunity to network and develop working relationships, learn more about various services and products, as well as learning from the workshops on business strategies. Thank you!"
-LaSalle University

"This style event worked well for me. There was no pressure, great conversations, and excellent networking opportunities."

"Fantastic opportunity to have customized meetings with potential business partners that meet the company's objectives. Great networking and relationship building."

Did you miss this summit? Don't worry - we have another taking place on November 14-15, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Click here to register.

[EVENT RECAP]: 'Heroic HR' Seminar Teaches the Importance of Technology

marc-s-miller-2-2016-2a.jpgAll hands rose when speaker Marc Miller asked the HR professionals in the room to raise their hands during his seminar at the HR & Employee Benefits Summit in Philadelphia, PA on March 14th, 2016.

With a focus on HR technology solutions, it’s no surprise that Miller’s seminar, “‘Heroic HR’: Leveraging Technology to Help HR Move from Data Management to Information Craftmanship,” focused on the connection between human resources and the C-Suite. 

The common theme throughout the seminar was the importance of knowing your company. Your HR strategy must align with your company’s strategy, and the tools - most of which are technology based - should not just express data but they should also generate metrics, dashboards, models and forecasts – especially in talent management. HR executives are expected to produce integral information for the C-Suite, not just data, and in many cases HR is the first resource for CEOs during growth planning. As Miller explained, it’s imperative that the HR team crafts information and stays proactive and participatory in the executive’s needs.

“HR is not ready for big data,” voiced Miller, explaining that big data does not apply to the industry in the conventional way and that for big data to be useful – HR must first get metrics within its own boundaries right. 

With more than 35 years experience in all aspects of technology solutions for Human Resources, Miller is an authority on Information Systems speaking at national meetings including the American Management Association (AMA), the American Society for HR Management (formerly ASPA).

To see the full presentation, click here.

To contact Marc Miller directly, click here.

Summit Recap: New Orleans 2015

laughing delegate.jpgNEW ORLEANS, LA - A vibrant city set the scene for an energetic group of Directors at the HR & Employee Benefits Summit at the Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans on September 14th and 15th. With targeted appointments, attendees benefited from the perfect balance of productivity and entertainment including networking, book signings, seminars, gala evenings and lively giveaways.

Starting with the pre-event cocktail reception taking place on Sunday evening, attendees did not hesitate to make new connections while watching a lively corner of the French Quarter from balconies. 

Early Monday morning, following a brief registration and after chatting over breakfast with other attendees, vendors and delegate attendees begin to meet for the first round of meetings. "This was my first experience at an event with this design," recalls the Director of HR at America's Pizza Company, LLC. "It was absolutely more efficient and effective than a standard exhibition. The time spent with service providers was much more productive!"

For new attendees at the Summit, the set up is oddly unfamiliar in comparison to a trade show. The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans grand ballroom played a decadent back drop as the room took off with enthusiastic introductions. "It was great that I could actually have a conversation one-on-one with a vendor," emphasized an attendee from Delgado Community College.

Monday continued with a busy schedule of seminars led by industry experts including Laura Putnam, a celebrated author specializing in workplace wellness, and hiring experts Teresa Faoro Sertic and Johnny Keone Simmons - who are in search of the purple squirrel - human resources' lingo for the 'perfect' candidate. Also leading a seminar, Lisa Reuth - a prized speaker who shared her insight into training, development and retaining staff. 

By five o'clock Monday evening, new acquaintances were already preparing for the night's festivities - a cocktail reception, gala dinner followed by casino night. The aroma of garlic filled an entire elegant room set with black table cloths and red roses - Creole style shrimp simmered in a cajun sauce at a food station as guests mingled over cocktails. Following a dinner of short ribs, beautifully tender fish and sweet deserts, the true gamblers struck out for a test of their luck at casino night.


Attendees gathered around black jack and roulette tables, laughing and shaking hands as they celebrated big wins. The grand prize? A free year's worth of movie tickets from Fandango. By 10:30 that evening, guests were cashing in their chips for a chance to win and retiring for the evening for an early start again the next morning.

On day two of the HR & Employee Benefits Summit, meetings picked up bright and early as attendees continued with their itineraries of meetings and seminars. An equally busy day continued throughout Tuesday, ending with a closing luncheon and prize giveaway. The Forum Team drew door prizes from Trainer's Warehouse, the Ritz-Carlton, Seiko and Laura Putnam. 


HR & Employee Benefits Summit Announces New Orleans Seminar Program

The HR & Employee Benefits Summit taking place September 14 & 15, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans has released its seminar program to attendees and the public. These 45-minute programs offer attendees complimentary access to recognized industry experts based on industry hot topics. See the available programs below:

Leading During Difficult Times, Presented by David Pauldine, Retired executive, thought leader and active professional currently serving on the board of Quinstreet (QNST: Nasdaq) and Education Partners - a Willis Stein Company.

It’s easy to lead when times are good. Organizations facing a headwind need to adapt their leadership style to break through the status quo and make a difference. This session will discuss topics such as internal communications, planning, values-vision-mission, talent acquisition and development, disruption, leadership styles and managing in a turnaround.

Creating e-Learning That Makes a Difference, Presented by Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Interactions

People often tout interactivity as the great benefit offered by e-learning, yet most interactivity does nothing to either engage or instruct. In fact, most often it only places a barrier between the learner and the content by making the learner experience tedious, unnecessarily cumbersome, and adversarial. Interactivity must be more than testing and simplistic actions. This session will introduce the concept of instructional interactivity, and show how it can transform the learning experience for learners working independently through an e-earning course. He will demonstrate specific real-world examples that give meaning to the four essential components of instructional interactivity: Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback. 

workplace wellness that works book.jpgWorkplace Wellness That Works: A Smarter Framework for Designing More Effective Workplace Wellness Programs, Presented by Laura Putnam, Author of Workplace Wellness That Works, Founder and CEO of Motion Infusion

Workplace wellness has become standard fare in most organizations, but abundant evidence suggests that the well-worn, traditional model simply is not working. Eighty percent of eligible employees are choosing not to participate in wellness programs. Rates of stress, obesity, and preventable lifestyle-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease are on the rise despite the fact that seventy-five percent of workers have access to wellness programs. And companies aren’t reducing costs or getting the value they hoped for because they’re investing in the wrong things: almost four times as much on incentives to get employees to join wellness programs as on quality programming that will keep them engaged for the long-term.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn about how you can reshape your organization’s approach to wellness - and why your role as an HR/Training & Development professional is so critical. Based on the 10 steps outlined in her book, Workplace Wellness That Works, Laura demonstrates how to shift the conversation from implementing yet another program to starting a movement of well-being and vitality in your organization. This provocative session touches on industry hot topics, such as effective ways to inspire behavior change, the truth behind motivation, and how to shift the culture. It also dives into creative tactics that aren’t being talked about, such as “going stealth” – a strategy that calls for “sneaking” wellness into non-wellness initiatives. Based on the latest research and backed by real-world examples and case studies, this lively and informative session will show you what you can do to start making a difference in your employees’ health and happiness, and promoting an overall culture of well-being throughout your organization. 

How to Attract, Hire and Retain the Best People, Presented by Steve Waterhouse, President & CEO, Predictive Index Consultant, Leadership Development, Sales Training, Trainer

The reality while many companies believe they have a good hiring process, high turnover and low productivity often say otherwise. Studies have shown that most hiring processes not only miss top performers, but actually eliminate them. The good news is there is better way to find people who not only have the right skills, but will be happy and productive working in your company. You know these people. They are the ones to seem to do what is required almost automatically and clearly love what they are doing. From sales to customer service to support, these people really are out there and you can find them. The solution in this session, your members will learn how high performing companies are using cutting edge behavioral analytics, combined with effective interviewing techniques, to build teams of winners.  

Capacity Building Through Coaching, Presented by Lisa Reuth, CEO of Leadership Solutions, Organizational Development Expert, Coach & Renowned Speaker

Language can be a tricky thing; the word "coach" has always been used in a way that builds upon one's abilities. But in business we often confuse it with performance improvement or strategies for underperformance. This session will discuss the steps that all great coaches use to find and harness someone's highest potential, and use it to win the game. Moving from a top-down coaching methodology, driven by the organization's goals, to capacity building of individuals and teams (which enable the organization's goals) sounds subtle but it’s actually radically different. 

Attendees of this session will assess the organization's Mission, Vision, Strategy and Goals and determine if the Coaching (mentoring, succession planning or development planning) methodologies being used are capacity building or performance reporting. Using Individual and Team Development Planning templates, participants will take home tools and a new working definition of the coaching process that can breathe new life into management teams that are stuck. 

Creating Deeper Impact Through Engagement, Presented by Lisa Reuth, CEO of Leadership Solutions, Organizational Development Expert, Coach & Renowned Speaker

The most successful leaders and entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: They learned  to leverage the power of many to accomplish something great. Whether you are leading your organization through innovation or change, managing cross-functional or volunteer networks or trying to duplicate yourself to get more done, the key to leadership is engaging followers. But each of these people have different reasons for engaging with you and meeting their needs and the needs of your mission can be complicated. Once you have willing participants, how do we harness the power of numbers, keep them excited and get them to own the success? This interactive session will examine the underlying components of engaging others in your Mission, the reasons why people are attracted to and stay with you and the leadership competencies needed to cultivate the power in numbers. 

For a full description of the speakers hosting seminars, click here. 



HR Employee Benefits Summit Partners with The Gift Card Network

gc-network-logo.pngThe HR & Employee Benefits Summit is proudly partnering with the Gift Card Network for upcoming events.

The Gift Card Network is a community of gift card industry stakeholders who are building the destination for Everything Gift Card. The network acts as a catalyst for members to connect, collaborate, and contribute their expertise, product and service information, and ideas in order to promote themselves and generate value for the membership and the industry as a whole.

By partnering with the Gift Card Network, the HR & Employee Benefits Summit is able to extend a complimentary invitation to members of the network to the upcoming September 2015 event in New Orleans. The Summit acts as an exclusive, fast-track method for qualifying executives to meet with solution providers they are matched with based on their upcoming projects. The event also features key speakers hosting seminars on industry hot topics and networking opportunities including breakfast, lunch, gala dinner and casino evening.

The Gift Card Network is a leader in employee benefits news and B2B research with members including Adidas, AMC,, Applebee’s Grill & Bar, Barnes and Noble

For more information on the Gift Card Network, click here.

Continuing Partnership with the Incentive Marketing Association

The HR & Employee Benefits Summit is proudly continuing partnership with the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) through 2015-2016.  Working with Executive Director Donna Chrobak, Forum Events is able to continue offering IMA members a discounted rate for all upcoming HR & Employee Benefits Summits.

The partnership between the HR & Employee Benefits Summit and the IMA first originated in 2014. The association is comprised of companies who are leaders in the $76.9 billion incentive industry. The IMA is the only organization in the field representing every segment of the marketplace including: Advertising/Sales Promotion Agencies; Consultants, Distributors;  Gift Card/Certificate Suppliers; Fulfillment Companies; Incentive Houses; Manufacturers; National Marketing Companies; Performance Improvement Companies; Representatives; Recognition Companies, Travel Specialists and the industry’s major trade publications and trade show managers.

Studies conducted by IMA groups have concluded that incentives can increase productivity, boost morale, enhance quality, foster teamwork, decrease absenteeism, improve work habits, ensure safety, reward loyalty and attract and retain quality employees – all practices that the Summit focuses on.

The HR & Employee Benefits Summit brings Senior-level HR & Employee Benefit Professionals together with Solution Providers for a series of one-on-one business meetings along with many networking opportunities. By creating a personalized itinerary for the delegates and vendors that attend, this event is unlike a normal exhibition/trade show. The event also includes interactive discussion workshops with key note speakers focusing on important industry topics, networking breakfasts, lunches, as well as a gala dinner and casino night.

The HR & Employee Benefits Summit will take place on September 12th – 15th,  2015 at the Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans.  For more information on the summit, contact Event Manager & VP of Business Development Shane Doherty at or by telephone at (941)925-7585, ext. 106.

Forum Events Confirms Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans for the Training & Development Summit and HR & Employee Benefits Summit

NEW ORLEANS, LA - The Training & Development Summit and HR & Employee Benefits Summit will take place at the Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans on September 14th and 15th, 2015. Senior-level HR and training executives will meet at the elite venue just steps from Bourbon Street and the French Quarter for the appointment-based event featuring one-on-one meetings, seminars by world-class speakers, and entertaining networking activities.

As part of Forum Events’ complimentary registration, executives receive free overnight accommodation at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, all-inclusive dining and refreshments, and a personalized event itinerary.

This historic hotel is set in the 1908 Beaux Arts Maison Blanche building. It features traditional Southern ambiance with an interior that reflects the graciousness of antebellum mansions. With live entertainment, exquisite accommodations, and a five-star rating, this is the ideal setting for executives to comfortably network, learn and connect.

The Training & Development Summit and HR & Employee Benefit Summit are specifically designed for C-suite executives who are actively sourcing new solutions and services in the HR, employee benefits and training industries. Executive attendees are introduced to solution providers who specialize in their upcoming projects during one-on-one, pre-arranged appointments. The events also incorporate 45-minute seminars led by industry leaders in an open-discussion format and networking meals and after-hour activities.

Forum Events is the most effective method for busy executives to source new solution providers and learn about breakthrough services in their industry – 98 percent of attendees report a forum is a “better way to source new suppliers than a trade show,” and 95 percent say they have saved time sourcing and meeting new buyers at a Forum. Using a unique matching software, Forum Events connects executives with sponsors based on information they have provided. Unlike a traditional trade show, attendees are able to speak privately with experts about their companies and develop a plan of action in a no ‘hard-sell’ environment.

Forum Events originated in the United Kingdom in 1996. They have since expanded to the United States to headquarters in Sarasota, FL. The company has hosted more than 250 successful appointment-based events across ten different industries.

To register for either of the summits taking place in September, click here. For more information on Forum Events, contact Yasmin Parsloe at, or by phone at (941)925-7585, ext. 122.

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