Suppliers & Vendors are advised to read carefully the following Booking Contract Terms and Conditions


In these Terms and Conditions the following expressions shall have the following meanings:
“The Forum or Summit” means The Forum or Summit pertinent to the booking contract
“The organizers” means Forum Networking Events Inc, 5731 Rosin Way Sarasota, FL 34233, Tel: 941 925 7585.
“The Supplier” means any individual; partnership, company or organization and the staff or agents of any such company or organization contracting with the organizers to attend the event.
“The Forum or Summit Premises” means the venue premises pertinent to the subject Forum or Summit, or such other place at which the Forum or Summit shall be held.
“The Owners” means the owners of the Forum or Summit Premises and any person or company from whom the organizers shall have leased, rented, licensed or otherwise obtained possession of the Forum or Summit Premises.


The acceptance of a booking contract at the Forum/Summit Premises by the organizers is made only upon the Terms and Conditions as printed herein and these Terms and Conditions shall apply (to the exclusion of all other Terms and Conditions) to all contracts with the organizers to attend the Forum/Summits unless (and then only to the extent that) they are expressly excluded or varied in writing by the organizers.

Any purported qualification of these Terms and Conditions by the Supplier and any other Term or Condition, which the Supplier shall seek to impose, shall be invalid unless expressly accepted in writing by the organizers.

The Supplier shall be bound by and comply with and be deemed to have full knowledge of the Rules, Conditions and Regulations of the Owners, a copy of which may be inspected at the organizers’ offices. The Supplier must bring to the notice of all agents or contractors employed by it such of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions as may affect such agents and contractors and any claim arising from the failure to give such notice shall be the sole responsibility of the Supplier.

No alterations to this agreement can be made by any employee of Forum Networking Events inc. Any changes so made will be invalid.


Every application for attendance at the Forum/Summit Premises must be made on the form provided by the organizers and must contain particulars of the products/services which the Supplier proposes to show. The organizers reserve the right to refuse any application without giving a reason and no contract between the organizers and the Supplier shall come into force until the organizers have given written notice to the Supplier that the Supplier’s application has been accepted.


The Supplier must send to the organizers with his Booking Contract for attendance at the Forum/Summit Premises payment in full* for ALL events listed on the Booking Contract. Event attendance is not secured unless full payment is received.

In the event that the Supplier shall fail to pay the balance due then without prejudice to their other rights the organizers shall be entitled to charge interest on any sum payable in accordance with the terms of payment at a rate of 1 1/2 percent per month from the due date until the date of actual payment and the Supplier shall be liable for all costs and expenses (including legal costs) incurred in the collection of any outstanding sums.

* Unless agreed otherwise with the organizers.


The Supplier will not be at liberty to cancel or withdraw its application once the organizers have accepted it.

If, however, the Supplier notifies the organizers in writing within six months of the Forum or Summit, or eight months of any overseas Forum or Summit, that owing to unforeseen circumstances it is unable to participate the organizers may at their discretion cancel the booking without prejudice to any claim, by the organizers against the Suppliers. Any deposits paid will be forfeited unless a suitable replacement vendor can be found.

If the Supplier shall fail to pay any sum due to the organizers or shall contravene or fail to observe any of the requirements of these Terms and Conditions, the organizers reserve the right to revoke its booking and to remove and exclude the Supplier, its agents and property at its expense from the Forum/Summit Premises. Such action by the organizers shall not prejudice any other remedy they shall have against the Supplier nor discharge the Supplier from its obligations to pay any sums due or to become due here under.


If a registered Delegate chooses to cancel attending the event for whatever reason without appointing a suitable replacement attendee within 28 days of the event, you will be liable to a $500.00 charge for costs incurred on your behalf, including all food and beverage and related hotel and venue costs.

No-shows on the day of the event will be liable for a $1,000 fee.


In the event of any abandonment, postponement or limitation of the use of the Forum/Summit Premises or of any of the services provided therein, resulting from unforeseen circumstances, force majeure or by reason of strikes, lockouts or other labor troubles, war, Act of God, or action of the Owners, intervention by an outside authority or by a decision found necessary by the organizers for reasons beyond their control, the Supplier or his agents or contractors shall have no claim against the organizers in respect of any resulting loss or damages and the Supplier’s liability under its contract shall not be reduced. The organizers reserve the right to alter the layout of the Forum/Summit in any respect and at any time. Should it become necessary to rearrange the Forum/Summit or transfer it to other premises the Supplier shall not be entitled to withdraw from its contract with the organizers on the ground of such rearrangement alone.


At events where some displays are allowed the Supplier is responsible for ensuring that any such displays are erected or constructed and maintained to reasonable and proper standards of construction, have regard to planning, fire and other regulations of local or other authorities and without damage to the Premises.

The Supplier must arrange and pay for the conveyance of goods to and from its display space in the Forum/Summit and for their installation and subsequent removal and disposal.

Any property belonging to the Supplier or its agents and remaining after the end of the Forum may be removed and sold or otherwise disposed of by the organizers at the Supplier’s expense.


The Supplier shall indemnify and keep the organizers indemnified from and against all losses (including consequential and indirect loss), charges, claims, liabilities, actions and expenses whatsoever which the organizers may suffer or incur or which may be made against the organizers in connection with or arising out of:

The occupation or attendance by the Supplier of an allotted display space or of any act, omission or negligence of the Supplier or its agent or any person acting under the direction of the Supplier or on the Supplier’s behalf.

Without prejudice to the above paragraph, any injury or loss to any person or damage to or loss of any property caused, directly or indirectly, by the Supplier or its agent or any person acting under the direction of the Supplier or on the Supplier’s behalf, and any alleged defamation or libel or any alleged breach of infringement of any copyright, trade name, trademark or patent by the Supplier during the period of its occupation of any allotted stand space or otherwise in connection with the Forum.

The organizers shall not be liable to the Supplier for any loss or damage suffered by the Supplier (excluding death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the organizers) as a result of the state of repair of the Forum/Summit Premises.

The organizers shall not be liable to the Supplier for any loss or damage suffered by the Supplier arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of the organizers effected for the purpose of complying with or discharging a contractual obligation to the Owners.

Whilst every effort will be made by the organizers to arrange the maximum number of appointments as shown on the Booking Contract, the organizers cannot be held responsible for any shortfall in such numbers, for whatever reason. No refunds will be given if the number falls below that agreed with the Supplier.

Whilst every effort will be made by the organizers to ensure that clients/buyers have the appropriate purchasing power, no responsibility can be taken, and no refunds given, if the quality and responsibilities of any clients should fail to meet the Supplier’s expectations.

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